The Outspoken Offender Blog

I am a registered sex offender. The worst day of my life was in March of 2006 when I was arrested for a non-violent sex offense. I spent four years inside a low-security federal prison. In addition, five years were spent on federal supervision. Today, almost fourteen years after my arrest, the label of sex offender hangs over my head. Plus, the lack of employment, housing, and even loss of friendships have all effected my life since that fateful day. Furthermore, living in “survival mode” and fearing the lack of stability has caused severe stress in my life, as I’m sure other former offenders can relate to.

I decided to start this blog (and YouTube Vlog) not to be theatrical and complain about living with a sex offense. Instead, I prefer to tell stories and help others that may be in the same situation. Stories have the power to educate, build compassion, and deepen empathy for others. Unfortunately, a lot of times these types of stories are seldom heard. I feel the time is now for more people on the registry to speak up and talk about their stories. It’s time to talk about issues that effect not only the former offender, but his/her family members as well. This is where I come in. Welcome to the Outspoken Offender Blog. Learn more about my journey here.