Podcast: Ways to Use Haters As Motivation For Success

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Ways to Use Haters As Motivation For Success

Haters are everywhere…online and off. So how do we deal with people that look down on us? I give several tips on how to effectively manage people who criticize, denounce, and spread hate on social media and in the real world.

Podcast Transcription

It’s The Outspoken Offender Podcast.

[00:00:11] My hope is to encourage registered citizens, former inmates in anyone facing stereotypes and social ostracism. To move beyond society’s labels. Welcome to the show. Thanks for joining me on this episode of The Outspoken Offender. And I hope your day is going well for you.

[00:00:34] You know, in today’s age, hate is rampant. It is especially noticeable on social media. The comments, the replies on social media can be cruel. Children are affected by it. Adults are affected by it, and it’s something that I’ve been thinking about lately, especially on my channel, The Outspoken Offender. So how can we deal with haters or people that just criticize us online and offline?

[00:01:08] This can occur at work at home, wherever it may…school is also an issue. And as you can imagine, me as The Outspoken Offender, I do get a lot of heaters or people that just don’t like me. But they don’t know me. And that’s, what’s irritating. They know me as somebody that has been convicted of a crime 14 years ago, they don’t know me as a person.

[00:01:35] And I know that maybe this happens to you. Might not be about a crime, but you’re frustrated because people criticize you and judge you. And they don’t really know you. So let’s talk about a few things on how we can deal with haters. The first thing is to understand that it means that you are doing things right.

[00:01:58]If you get people criticizing you and making rude comments on social media and hating on you, they’re recognizing you. You must be doing something right to grab their attention. You must have achieved a, you know, a certain level of success for them to make a rude comment. So you can actually take that as a compliment to you.

[00:02:25] You’ve accomplished something. Though, they may not agree with what you’re doing or what you’re saying. You have gotten to a certain level of success. And so you can look at that as, as a very positive thing. Number two, learn from their attitudes to be more accepting of others. That’s interesting. So we’re kind of switching, we’re flipping this around here.

[00:02:50]When you get hate, you don’t want to hate back because you’re just doing the same thing they’re doing to you. You want to learn to become more accepting of others. You don’t want to let that hate rub onto you. You want to make it a positive experience. And what’s interesting about this is when you see other people being criticized, friends, family, strangers.

[00:03:15] You know how it feels, you have the empathy and so you can actually provide support and motivation for other people. So you can, you can use these comments there. This hate to learn how to ignore negative influences. One thing that I have always tried to do, especially since my arrest and incarceration is to be around and associate with positive people.
[00:03:41] Sure, people are, some people are going to be negative. You know, they’re going to be negative sometimes in certain situations. That’s fine. I can handle that, but I don’t want to be around people that are toxic. And so, you know, that may be the same situation for you.

[00:04:00] Try to avoid the toxic people. Use the comments, the hate to become more independent thinking. And what I mean by that is you don’t have to conform to anybody else’s thoughts or beliefs or ideas. Instead be proud of what makes you unique. And that, and that really goes to you know, learning to love yourself for, who you are and what you’ve done and, Become more independent thinking in life.

[00:04:34] Another tip here or just a thought is when, especially when I receive negative comments on my YouTube channel or social media, it really motivates me to continue educating and helping others. So when you receive negative feedback or comments, I hope that it can motivate you to continue doing good.

[00:05:02]There could be times where, you know, people, I’m just going to say, let’s just say, you’re listening now and you have a felony record or you’re on the sex offender registry. Okay. I don’t mean to exclude other people, but I’m going to use that in an example here. Let’s say you have that going on in your life.

[00:05:17] Understand that that person hating on you only sees one thing. Most likely they see that felony, they see that sex offense. They don’t know who you are, but it’s very difficult to prove to that person that you are still a good person. Even though that may not be possible, use it to motivate you to continue the good things you’re doing.

[00:05:42] I hope that makes sense. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do with the podcast here. And my YouTube channel is motivating people and moving through the negative comments. You have perhaps gone through some very tough times in your life. And perhaps now your life has been changed for the better.

[00:06:05] Well, appreciate those victories. Haters can also be a great way to better appreciate your victories and that’s going to be my final tip here for this episode. When you accomplish something, when you turn your life around, that is a huge victory and that’s something that not everybody can do.

[00:06:26] Don’t go too hard on yourself. You may have gone through some tough times. You may still be going through tough times, but if you’re listening to this, you are still alive and you can move through some very tough times and become victorious. So forget about the hate, forget about the people that comment about you online.

[00:06:50] As long as you are happy with yourself and you’re doing good things. And why does it matter? So I hope some of these ideas can help you out today. It’s a short podcast. I like to keep things short and sweet because, well, sometimes it’s hard to sit through like a 60 minute podcast, but if you have any ideas for my podcast, contact me any time.

[00:07:12] And I’d love to hear for the love to hear your idea. Thanks again for tuning in. And please follow me either on YouTube or here on the podcast. My name is the outspoken offender and have a wonderful day.
[00:07:29] It’s The Outspoken Offender Podcast.

[00:07:35] My hope is to encourage registered citizens. Former inmates and anyone facing stereotypes and social ostracism to move beyond societies labels, listening to the podcast. I’m The Outspoken Offender. You can find me on YouTube and Twitter. Remember you are not your label.

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