Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Are Worthless

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Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Are Worthless

Do bank robbers, drug dealers, and animal abusers have residency restrictions similar to sex offenders? In this sarcastic but informative video, find out if other ex-felons are subject to banishment due to a public registry.

Also, with 35 states currently enforcing some form of residency restrictions for registered sex offenders, you may think our neighborhoods are safer. Find out why the registry is worthless in fighting child abduction, abuse, and other forms of sexual offenses.

Video Transcript

Okay. So today I wanted to talk about distance living restrictions for people with felony records. As you can see I’m at Walgreens. You’re thinking Walgreens? Well, I’m thinking in my head wouldn’t there be some kind of restrictions for people that sell prescription drugs illegally?

I brought my trusty baby blanket yarn here and I want to measure from the corner of Walgreens. You know, in some states they have like 500 feet living restrictions. Some states have a 1,000 feet but will do 500. I’m going to tie it and I’m going to measure 500 feet to make it a safe proximity.

Oh wait before I do that we have a Mrs. Politician here behind the camera. Mrs. Politician, Is there any type of regulation, you know for somebody that has a record that has sold prescription drugs illegally? No? 

(Mrs. Politician) – “No, I didn’t pass any law like that.”

No, no distance restrictions?

(Mrs. Politician) – “Nope.” 

So if somebody has a felony for selling pharmaceutical drugs, they can live anywhere from a pharmacy?

(Mrs. Politician) – “Yes. Yes they can.” 

Why am I even here? Well that makes sense; that makes plenty of sense. So, okay. Well, let’s try a different location.

Sorry, there was a school bus over there. Okay, so I’m thinking there’s got to be living restrictions for people that robbed banks. Robbery, I mean that’s serious stuff. Right? So I’m at this bank here Wells Fargo and I’m going to measure you know the average 500 feet from the property. Oh wait Mrs. Politician is here.

Mrs. Politician, do you have any type of living restrictions for bank robbers?

(Mrs. Politician) – “No, I don’t. Never passed a law for that.” 

So you’re saying that a bank robber could live like right here.

(Mrs. Politician) – “Yes.”

Okay, so I’m figuring there’s got to be some type of distance living restrictions for people that have abused animals. So I am here at the dog park. People that have abused animals need to stay away from the dog park. 500 feet or something like that. So I’m going to measure this. Hold on. 

Mrs.Politician, any regulations for people that have abused animals from the dog park? 

(Mrs. Politician) – “No, I didn’t pass anything for that.”

It does make sense. All right. Well, we’ll try another spot.

Okay. So now I’m at a school. Well, I’m not on the property. Here is the edge of the property. There’s the school back there and well Mrs. Politician. 

What’s the distance that I can’t live…? 

(Mrs. Politician) – “500 feet sir. Please measure it out with your yarn.” 

Now some states require a thousand feet and some states require 2,000 feet, but here we’re going to do 500 feet with this yarn. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to wrap this around the post and, oh did I step over? 

‘(Mrs. Politician) – “You might have. It was very close sir.”

So we’re going to go ahead and measure 500 feet so we can have a safe distance from the school. There is no shred of evidence that proves that distance living restrictions keep communities and kids safer. We’re almost there folks.

Mrs. Politician. I’m a little upset because when I’m reading these restrictions don’t solve any problems.

What do you have to say? 

(Mrs. Politician) – “Yeah, they don’t work. Sorry for wasting your time.”

What are you talking about? 

(Mrs. Politician) – “They don’t work.”

Well, it looks like this video has been a waste of time. So what I think we should do with these laws, these restrictions is to restrain and kick out these politicians. Get ‘em out of town. How about that?

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