Shedding The Sex Offender Label

Shedding The Sex Offender Label

What does it take to shed the sex offender or ex-felon label? Is it possible if we take full responsibility for our past actions?

I briefly discuss this topic while highlighting Justin Vargas, a Phoenix teen basketball scout. Justin lives as a registered sex offender but has proven himself over and over in his community. What do parents think of him working with teen boys? Does he get backlash from the community? I offer a few pointers for people wanting to move past the stigma in this commentary video.

I’d love to hear your comments about this topic that should be discussed more often.

Video Transcript

Can the stigma of being on the sex offender registry or having a felony, can it be shed meaning can you rebuild trust again in the community? I have to say yes, it is very possible. Of course, in my opinion, you need to take responsibility for what you’ve done and you need to rebuild that trust. And I wasn’t planning on doing a video today.

I’m out here just enjoying some warmer weather today, but I came across this article and it really peaked my interest. It’s about this teen athlete scout, Justin Vargas. He is a basketball tournament scout. And he has been a fixture of the world there at Phoenix high school, boys basketball.

He connects teen athletes with college coaches, writes profiles on their backgrounds, reports from the sidelines of games. He’s one of the two members of the show “Basketball Company.” And I wanted to point this out today because you’re always hearing negative stories about people that are on the registry or that have a felony, or that are rearrested or doing this and that, but this is something different.

This is a positive story. Now his job there has raised some concerns from parents. They have argued that he should not be around children. He should not be coaching. He should not be involved in what he’s doing. What’s interesting to note is he’s done everything that he should be doing. Now he’s giving back to society… he’s working, he’s building trust.

So isn’t that what the society wants people on the registry to do? Isn’t this what we’re supposed to do? Yes, it is. But he continues to get hate and discrimination and concerns. Now, as I’ve been reading through this article he also talks about how he’s had to prove himself over and over again with authorities, with parents, with, school officials, everybody.

And that is that is a challenge that we all face. If you’re on the registry and I can feel his pain on that because you just have to keep proving yourself and it never ends. But the question is today. And let me repeat the question. Can you shed that sex offender, felon label? Yes, but you have to take full responsibility for your actions.

The last thing I want to add is I want to congratulate this man for his bravery, for his confidence, his ability to move on with his life and take responsibility. He’s a very brave person and I think we need more people like that. So, thank you very much, Justin Vargas, and I’d love to speak to you some time, perhaps on this show or on my podcast. Spur of the moment video here, enjoying the warmer weather.

I love to hear comments, talk to you soon. I’m The Outspoken Offender.